Adopting Technology From MOTHER NATURE

We adopt nature engineering to manage and upscale any organic trash into Feed, Food, and Fertilizer in a shorter period.

100% Natural Feed and Fertilizer

We follow nature’s rules to regenerate natural products for sustainable living.

Regenerative Farming

We encourage natural habitats that maximize productivity and                profit while minimizing environmental damage.

Services & Products

AGSO - Total

Waste Management Service

We offer professional waste management services such as regular collection, secure transportation, natural processing, and maximal enrichment of solid waste generated by households, businesses, and cities.

From the standpoint of natural regenerative waste management, our waste management process is vital to sustaining public health, environmental sustainability, and resource efficiency.

AGSO - Organic


As a feed source, our BSFL offers numerous benefits over typical feed sources:
1. Our Black Soldier Fly Larva (BSFL) is cultivated on organic waste materials that would otherwise be discarded, decreasing its environmental effect.
2. We were able to grow BSFL swiftly and effectively, with a high output of protein-rich larvae.
3. Our BSFL is a natural, nutritious source of animal food that has no synthetic chemicals or preservatives.

AGSO - Natural


Compared to other forms of organic fertilisers, our BSFL frass offers various advantages. For starters, it is abundant in nitrogen, a vital ingredient for plant development that is frequently deficient in organic soils. Second, frass includes helpful bacteria that aid in soil health and plant growth. Lastly, frass is odourless and simple to utilise, making it a practical and user-friendly fertiliser.

AGSO - Organic


Our approach to organic and sustainable farming! We feed our farm animals black soldier fly larvae and let them graze in natural fields and ponds to give a balanced and diverse diet.

Utilizing BSFL frass as a fertiliser for our crops is another great method to close the nutrient loop and ensure that our entire food-production process is genuinely organic and sustainable.

AGSO Agrosoldier Pvt Ltd

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Proud Achievements

We are in the top 15 List of "World Resources Institute's" Land Accelerator South Asia Program in 2023.