Black Soldier Fly Eggs were utilized to sustain a population of BSF Farms and to feed fish fry at hatcheries.


The egg begins a Subsequent life cycle while also marking the end of the previous life stage. The female fly lays 400 to 800 eggs in tiny, dry, protected chambers among decaying organic waste. The female dies shortly after laying the eggs. The proximity of the eggs to decaying organic waste guarantees that the larvae have a nearby feeding supply after hatching. The protected chambers protect the eggs from predators and prevent direct sunshine from dehydrating the egg packets. The eggs hatch in four days on average, and the emerging larvae, which are just a few millimeters in size, will look for food and begin eating on the organic garbage around. The larvae feed voraciously on decomposing organic debris, growing from a few millimeters in length to roughly 2.5 cm in length and 0.5 cm in breadth, and are cream-colored.

Advantages of AGSO Dried BSFL

AGSO Agrosoldier specializes in Black Soldier Fly products as well as exceptionally high-quality BSF EGGs. Our BSF larvae are being raised in Kerala, INDIA, where the temperature and humidity are ideal. We harvest the eggs on a daily basis using secure and safe methods, and we ship them in a specific container to avoid damage during transportation.

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