A fantastic source of protein, Fat and calcium. Highly nutritious, with a diverse amino acid profile.


Insect farming for animal feed production is becoming increasingly popular across the world. Insect feed has several benefits over traditional diets. They have a greater feed conversion efficiency rate. Insect cultivation uses extremely few resources throughout the process. Because insects can absorb water from their meal more efficiently, it can be done with a small quantity of space and water. It is much easier to feed them because insects devour nearly any organic waste such as kitchen garbage, food waste, slaughterhouse waste, and so on. Crude protein, crude fat (with an amino acid makeup comparable to fishmeal), calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, salt, and other nutrients are abundant in edible insects such as Black Soldier Fly Larvae. As a result, BSF larvae are recognized and used as alternative protein sources for poultry, pigs, and the majority of fish and shrimp species, as well as pets.

Advantages of AGSO Live BSFL

AGSO’s Live BSF larvae are a ready-to-use feed for poultry, fish, swine, and pets. It is high in essential nutrients such as protein, calcium, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and fatty and amino acid content. Animals require an adequate amount of protein to grow properly. The protein-rich AGSO feeds boost your pets’ immunity and keep them healthy. The primary ingredient is Black Soldier Fly Larvae, also known as Hermetia Illucens. AGSO Agrosoldier’s product is entirely natural.

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